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What you can get done with us


Before your sale

  • Website hosting
  • Website design
  • Copy writing and SKU building
  • Story boarding
  • Lead and traffic generation
  • Photography & videography
  • APIs and mobile applications
  • Search engine optimization and marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Process and workflow optimization (system analysis)
  • Customer data capture through CRM, support tickets, website visitor tracking, customer surveys and email marketing.
  • Team building
  • End to end commerce or total commerce


After your sale

  • Software support for:
  • Bookkeeping
  • Fulfillment, shipping and logistics
  • Warehousing and inventory control
  • Computer network design, maintenance and repair
  • Project management
  • Call centers
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Affiliate network tracking
  • Manufacture sourcing and supply chain management
  • Outsourced I.T.
  • Training
  • On demand customer support


Very Simple

Our pricing is simple. It comes in two flavors:

By the Minute - wholesale

$1/minute for standard labor (Basic labor, HTML, CSS, Template work, Photography etc.)

$2/minute for specialist labor (C, C++, C#, JAVA, Javascript, Programming, Journeyman work, Color grading etc.)

$0.55/mile for driving travel from our nearest service center, airport and/or hotel.

Flights at cost if needed.

$200 per Diem for onsite work if needed.

Materials, template, subscriptions, digital assets etc. are charged at our cost.

There is no fluff and because it is for direct engagement only (stop watch style clocking in and out) you save anywhere between 20% to 60%.

Fixed Price* - traditional scale

This is the traditional method of Estimating and Pricing projects and services.

We develop an estimate.

We get tight on the Scope of Work.

We sign an agreement based on a fixed Scope of Work.

This method is subject to the terms of the agreement that we sign.

Fulfillment Service Pricing depends directly on the product and kitting involved. We'll need to see the product(s) and we will come up with a very reasonable flat fee which includes everything starting at $1,00/shipment.  Kitting and number of picks per shipment influence this pricing, of course.

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